Rising along the coastal town at the border of Ragay Gulf is the summer capital of Camarines Sur. Pasacao, a bustling town in the second district grows into a promising business, economic, and tourism site. Like a Phoenix, Pasacao had undergone metamorphosis only to shine brightest among the places in Camarines Sur.

Its pristine beaches boost tourism potential which easily enables active trade, commerce and industry. Thus Pasacao made it to rank 10 among the most visited tourist destinations in Bicol. Daruanak-a prominent islet that dots the vast Ragay Gulf offers potential local diving and snorkelling opportunity among the coastal towns within the congressional district. Serving as the gateway to Masbate, Pasacao opens doors of opportunity to trading, commerce and transportation to and fro the Provinces of Camarines Sur and Masbate.

The secret of Pasacao’s consistent rise is its internal ability to mobilize by empowering the 19 barangays by bringing its social services even to the most remote part of the town. It is the government program the reaches out to people and empower them. Indeed the Pasaqueños are equipped with substantial knowledge empowering them for life and future. Thus, Pasacao-MDRRMO was a recipient of Gawad Kalasag for national level evident for being a Disaster-resilient community. True enough lives will be saved if one is aware and knowledgeable.

The success of Matatag Pasacao flagship program is an innovative and charismatic way of leading people and providing people with knowledge that is founded on sustainable programs that enable its constituents to independently thrive on their own.

The busy and thriving fish port, the lucrative resort business, and the existence of the petroleum depot are significant indicators that Pasacao is no longer the once sleepy town before.

All these have realized, materialized, and significantly achieved through the empowering programs initiated and implemented and inclusive administration of Mayor Jojo Bengua. Such attempt to reach out in developing people’s initiatives is an essence that makes what Pasacao is nowadays.

As the sea waves crash into the pristine shoreline, its ripples create an imprint on the seabed. Same is true with the progress of Pasacao. As time changes and drives the town into a dynamic milleu, its ripples affect the lives and customs of the locals. It may be invisible to eyes, but it is essential in the lives of the natives.

This is Pasacao, the place where everyone wants- grand and mighty as it stands.