The 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest officially kicked off at 8:00 am in SigNATURE Park with the opening ceremony, which was attended by sports enthusiasts and athletes alike. The event promises an exciting line-up of games, including badminton, beach volleyball, beach football, table tennis, and sepak takraw, which will be held on weekends throughout the month of May, starting this May 13. The atmosphere was electric as participants eagerly prepared to compete in their respective sports. The organizers also added a touch of tradition to the event with the lighting of the torch, which symbolizes the start of the Sportsfest and the participants’ spirit of competition and sportsmanship. Everyone was filled with excitement and anticipation, as they look forward to the upcoming games and the chance to showcase their skills and talents. The 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable event for all Pasaqueños.