Mayor Jorge R. Bengua kicked off the badminton competition, which was part of the 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest, with great enthusiasm at the Municipal Covered Court. The tournament showcased some of the best badminton players in Pasacao, and Mayor Bengua’s presence added a new level of excitement to the event. The mayor, who was known for his love for sports, even joined one of the best players in badminton on the court. Together, they engaged in a friendly match that saw Mayor Bengua strike and sweat in the game, displaying impressive skills that left the audience in awe. His passion for sports and his commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle were evident throughout the event. The players were inspired to give their best as they watched the mayor take to the court with such enthusiasm and skill. The badminton competition turned out to be a huge success, with everyone enjoying the display of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest was a testament to the importance of promoting sports and physical fitness among the youth. Mayor Bengua’s dedication to this cause has undoubtedly inspired everyone to pursue their athletic dreams and lead healthy and active lifestyles.