Mayor Jorge R. Bengua opened the highly anticipated beach football event at Asin Beach Resort by kicking the ball and officially declaring the start of the tournament. The event was a part of the 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest, which was organized to promote sportsmanship and healthy competition among the city’s residents. Mayor Bengua’s presence at the event was a testament to his commitment to promoting sports and physical fitness among the youth. As the players took to the sand, the mayor watched with great enthusiasm, cheering on the teams and encouraging them to give their best. His passion for sports was evident, and his presence at the event motivated the players to push themselves to new heights. The beach football event was a huge success, and it was a great example of how sports can bring people together, promote unity and friendship, and create a sense of community. Mayor Bengua’s commitment to promoting sports will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the youth, inspiring them to lead active and healthy lifestyles and pursue their athletic dreams.