The opening of the 22nd Pasa Pasa Ikaw Festival & inauguration of LGU Day in Pasacao was a moment of joy and enthusiasm for all employees of the local government unit. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the four teams—Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue—united in friendly competition and camaraderie. The event saw the spirited participation of LGU Pasacao staff who eagerly engaged in a variety of games, fostering team spirit and a sense of belonging. The highlight of the day was the captivating boodle fight, symbolizing shared values and community bonds. Mayor Jorge R. Bengua kicked off the event with a spirited opening, his words reflecting his pride in the unity of the community. Vice-Mayor Maryol O. Tayco’s speech followed, resonating with gratitude and hope as she celebrated the significance of the day and emphasized the importance of fostering positive connections. The LGU Day not only brought forth moments of lively competition but also underscored the dedication and harmony among the LGU Pasacao family.