The celebration of Educators’ Day in Pasacao, Camarines Sur is a vibrant and joyful event that pays tribute to the invaluable contribution of teachers. The morning kicks off with a spirited parade, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of school bands and the impressive performances of majorettes. The day continues with energetic Zumba dance sessions that infuse the atmosphere with enthusiasm. As the evening approaches, teachers from various schools gather for an inspiring showcase of intermission numbers, showcasing their talents and creativity. Mayor Jorge R. Bengua graces the night program, delivering an uplifting message that acknowledges the educators’ dedication. Board member Niño A. Tayco also takes the stage to share his words of appreciation. The event is further enriched by the presence of esteemed municipal councilors such as Hercules Bihag, Melinda Sambajon, Carlo Bañas, Junard Joel de Alday, Jun Parco, Edgardo Tayco, and Virginia Obordo. The night is a whirlwind of enjoyment, as lively dances and cheerful celebrations fill the air, creating lasting memories for all attendees.