The atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as the 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sporstfest 2023 Sepak Takraw Tournament kicks off at the Municipal Covered Court in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. The court is abuzz with energetic players warming up and spectators taking their seats, eagerly awaiting the thrilling matches ahead. Teams from different towns and continue reading : SEPAK TAKRAW


Currently, the Table Tennis Competition is in full swing at the DRRMC Complex in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. The competition has attracted a diverse range of players from different schools and organizations, all vying for the championship title. The atmosphere is electric as players battle it out, showcasing their skills and strategies in the game of continue reading : TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT


Mayor Jorge R. Bengua kicked off the badminton competition, which was part of the 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest, with great enthusiasm at the Municipal Covered Court. The tournament showcased some of the best badminton players in Pasacao, and Mayor Bengua’s presence added a new level of excitement to the event. The mayor, who was continue reading : BADMINTON TOURNAMENT


Mayor Jorge R. Bengua opened the highly anticipated beach football event at Asin Beach Resort by kicking the ball and officially declaring the start of the tournament. The event was a part of the 1st Jorge R. Bengua Sportsfest, which was organized to promote sportsmanship and healthy competition among the city’s residents. Mayor Bengua’s presence continue reading : BEACH FOOTBALL